15 Major Insurance Providers to share medical records among insurers on Blockchain


In a very surprising move , 15 major health insurance providers in India have chosen to join hands together and utilize blockchain for sharing health records of guarantors, and to empower quick endorsement or refusal choices.

This likewise implies less consumption for back up plans, as one medical examination would be presently enough for all insurance providers.

This is first of its kind in India that  such an immense and huge consortium of health insurance providers  in India has been shaped, and blockchain is unmistakably the impetus here.

Insurance companies, including ICICI Prudential Life, HDFC Life and SBI Life Insurance, have joined forces with IBM and blockchain arrangements supplier Cateina Technologies to meet up as a consortium to impart information to regard to medicinal records. When they stretch a go beyond from the controller, execution will start on a more extensive scale.

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