CryptoConference : IAMAI – India Digital Summit 2018 : New Delhi

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The flagship annual event of IAMAI is the India Digital Summit. Since its inception in 2006, it has been the most prominent digital event in the country. The 12th Year of the summit will be a perfect platform to discuss intriguing topics that include – Marketing, Technology, Start-ups, Mobile and other Digital trends.

The digital world associates this event with being one of the largest annual gatherings for business leaders, industry veterans & marketers. This year, the summit is expecting a footfall of more than 1600 delegates from Senior and Mid-level management. The delegates are from diversified industry backgrounds such as Cloud, E-commerce, Travel, Mobile & Internet, as well as Technology. The executives of leading agencies and digital experts from FMCG and BFSI brands, as well as Payment Regulators will all be participating in this summit.

This conference is the right platform to exchange ideas and interact with Government luminaries such as Corporate heads, Officers & Senior executives, Regulators, Advisers & Ministers from the Digital Industry, making it the perfect platform for industrialists and business leaders to discuss the nitty-gritties of upcoming technologies, opportunities and challenges.

 CryptoConference : 17th January 2018  – The Lalit New Delhi 
    • 1120-1135 hrs: Lead Talk 1: Sandeep Goenka, Co-founder & COO, Zebpay
    • 1135– 1220 hrs: Plenary Session 1: Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies: Opportunity for Startups
      • What are Cryptocurrencies and the need for them?
      • Contribution of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency startups in making India a FinTech Hub
      • Growth opportunities for Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency startups in India
      • Startup focus in India: Exchanges, Remittances, Marketplace
      • Potential for Investments
    • Moderator: To be announced 

      • • Saurabh Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO, Zebpay
        • Shikha Mehra, Cryptocurrency Expert and Senior Research Associate, OP Jindal University
        • Jiten Jain, Chief Executive Officer, India Infosec Consortium
        • Rahul Raj, Co-Founder & CEO, Koinex

1220 – 1225 hrs: Changeover

    • 1225 – 1240 hrs: Lead Talk 2:Marco Krohn, Co-founder, Genesis Mining
    • 1240 – 1325 hrs: Plenary Session 2: Bitcoin Mining- Indian and Global Outlook
      • Bitcoin Mining: Basics and Requirements
      • Global Perspective on Bitcoin Mining
      • Promoting Bitcoin Mining in India
      • Bitcoin Mining pools – Advantages and Challenges
      • How can Mining be monetized
    • Moderator: To be announced 

      • • Marco Krohn, Co-founder, Genesis Mining
        • Sunil Aggarwal, Author, Bitcoin Magnet and Advisor, Simpal & Signzy

1325 – 1430 hrs: Lunch

    • 1430 – 1515 hrs: Plenary Session 3: Legal, Regulatory and Taxation Environment for Cryptocurrencies in India
      • Regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies around the world. What has been the impact of such regulations?
      • Should it be regulated in India? Will the regulation open up new use cases or slow the innovation?
      • Regulatory Challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchange in India. What are the laws applicable to cryptocurrencies?
      • How should the Taxation Environment be for Crypto Investors?
    • Moderator: To be announced 

      • • Abhishek Rastogi, Indirect Taxes, Khaitan & Co
        • Vaibhav Parikh, Partner, Nishith Desai Associates
        • Nappinai N S, Advocate, Supreme Court & Bombay High Court

1515 – 1520: Changeover

    • 1520 – 1550 hrs: : Special Address: Future of Blockchain in India
      Shri M Sivasankar, Secretary – Electronics & Information Technology Department, Government of Kerala

1530 – 1535: Changeover

  • 1550 – 1635 hrs: Plenary Session 4: Exploring and Building Blockchain Solutions for Banking
    • Blockchain era of Banking
    • BankChain – India’s first Blockchain exploration consortium launched for banks
    • Standardized Ledger Technology v/s Distributed Ledgers Technology
    • Blockchain Applications – Smart Contracts, KYC-Chain, RegTech
    • Challenges of adopting Blockchain for Banks
  • Moderator: To be announced 

    • • Richa Shrivastava, VP – Strategy & Marketing, Fintech, Government of Andra Pradesh
      • Prasanna Lohar, Head- Technology, Innovation & Architecture, DCB Bank
      • Ankit Ratan, Co-founder, Signzy

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